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~ Last Updated on Saturday February 06, 2016 ~

Digit and Risotto
Born April 16 2015

Bells Goats Dolly
MDGA 1st Generation Experimental Doeling
Fawn/Palamino Doe
with Blue Eyes



Macy and Risotto
Born June 3, 2015


F107 Doeling
Blue Eyed
Black White




Lavender and Risotto
3rd Generation Mini Nubians

F75 Red White Buckling
3rd Generation American


(Baby Photo)


Sophie and Risotto
Born April 25, 2015
1st Generation Minis

F84 BLUE EYED and Moonspotted Doeling


F85 Doeling


F86 Moonspotted Doeling



Trillium and Risotto
Born April 7, 2015
3rd Generation Mini Nubians

F70 Light Gold and White Doeling

F71 Light Orange and White BLUE EYED Buckling


E19 and Risotto
Born March 22, 2015
3rd Generation Mini Nubian

F49 Buckling
Palamino and White with Moonspots

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