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~ Last Updated on Tuesday January 03, 2023 ~

Bells Goats LiL Addy

Blue Eyed
MGR Shorthair Fainter
by Bells Goats Triton Moon and
Bells Goats Kay

(Addy's Baby Picture)

Bells Goats Nellie

Blue Eyed MGR Mini Fainter
by PGCH Bells Goats Rosie and Bells Goats Red Jr.

(Nellie's Baby Picture)

Bells Goats Luna

MGR Mini Moonspotted Fainter
by Bells Goats Silver Spots and Bells Goats Dee Eighty Five


(Luna's Baby Picture)

Diamond Goats Dove

Blue Eyed
Mini Silky Fainter
By Diamond Goats Midnight
and MCH Bells Goats Fabio

 (Full Sister to Lacee)

Bells Goats MeMe

MGR Mini Shorthair Fainter
Blue Eyed with Moonspots
By Bells Goats Mr Incredible
and Bells Goats Lilly

(MeMe's Baby Picture)

Bells Goats Smores Delight

MGR Shorthair Fainter
by Whispering Acres Lunas Kayos and
Bells Goats Smores

(Smores' Baby Picture)

Bells Goats Lilly

MGR Mini Fainter
by Bells Goats Rue and
Bells Goats Tykie Jr

(Lilly's Baby Picture)

Diamonds Goats Baby

Mini Silky Fainter
by MCH Cozy Acres Snipper and Bells Goats Abby

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